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When you are working on a project assignment, you usually don’t have to do it alone. Unlike a term paper or seminar assignment, a project assignment often involves group work, or is even required as such. While some students are happy about being able to work in a team where each person has less work to do, skeptics see the group format as a drawback. Ultimately, the failure of a single group member can already lead to poorer marks across your entire workgroup. Cooperation becomes critical when certain members of the project group become less involved and leave all the work to others. Nevertheless, the project is an exciting type of academic achievement, because it promotes both academic performance and cooperation and exchanges with other students.

What kind of performance is required for project assignments?

Because several students come together in a project assignment, such an academic performance is often very complex. Within the group, it is advisable to apply different perspectives on the subject and, inter alia, to develop interdisciplinary contexts. The individual phases differ from an assignment or thesis to the extent that research within the group is divided and the working group members meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss results or working hypotheses. Within the framework of the project, students should not only put their teamwork to the test, but also demonstrate on the one hand that they have mastered the theoretical foundations of the field of study, and on the other, that they can also use with academic working methods. Ultimately, the aim of the project finally is often the transfer of a theoretical problem to a practical application.

The challenge of a project assignment lies in the combination of theoretical knowledge with practical solutions. Therefore, empirical research is often part of a project assignment. In order to illustrate different aspects of a subject, designing and conducting a survey is often employed as a method, inter alia. The results can stimulate new discussions within the project group and also prove of great relevance for further written elaboration. The textualisation of project work serves to summarise the results and prepare for research. Whether the project group draws up a joint design or each member develops its own ideas depends on the particular requirements of the university.

How does a ghostwriter assist you when writing a project assignment?

Similar to a thesis, our ghostwriters can carry out different tasks in order to assist you in working out your project assignment. In order adequately meet the complex needs, it makes sense for students especially to get help with written work. We provide a ghostwriter from our team of authors who will work at your the side and who has the outstanding knowledge in your field and can expertly respond competently to distinct subject-specific matters. Project assignments are particularly required in application-related fields of study – and even if meting out tasks and the presentation of results to other students occurs within the team, there is no getting around the requirement to prepare a written report. If you have limited time due to other coursework or feel more secure with an expert at your side, we already support you during the preparatory work and can relieve you of many shared tasks to enable you to focus on further work on this or any other project. The assistance provided by our ghostwriters includes, among other things, conducting a literature search and preparing an exposé or essay on the topic. Thanks to many years of academic experience, our authors can complete many of these tasks in a short time and can speed up your academic progress.

What is the process when working on project assignments with a ghostwriter?

The ghostwriter can jump in at an earlier or a later time in the ongoing process of your project assignment, depending on what time you choose bring us on board. The sooner you contact us with your request, the greater degree of individual attention our ghostwriter will be able to provide – but in later stages, too, an expert’s support can provide valuable assistance, such as a professional and formal revision of your already finished results, or provide you with sample texts that you can then use as a template for your own purposes.

When it comes to practical tasks, it is often the documenting of results that proves most difficult for students. Therefore, it makes sense, to inform the ghostwriter about details of the project work quite early on – the more tasks he can take on for you, the better versed he will be in the subject when it comes time to put it all down on paper. However, when writing and reviewing your project assignment, our ghostwriters do not place value on the correct representation of the results alone, but also ensure that your work is academically and convincingly formulated and was created with professional care. For this reason, a thorough edit always follows the completion of the written assignment and the finished text is reviewed yet again. It’s not just about spelling and grammar errors, but also about correcting citations, discovering any cases of plagiarism and ensuring there are convincing transitions between the individual chapters.

Let us write your project assignment for you

You need help in combining theory and practice? Let us write your project assignment for you!

A project assignment is a special form of term or seminar assignment. Similar to these forms, project assignments often involve a seminar and have the task of applying the knowledge gained from this seminar on the one hand, on the other hand, leading to further insights. Project assignments are often conceived as group work and are therefore very broad in content. Independent of the research within the group, however, the individual participants usually have to write their own written work in which they summarise the results of the project. A professional ghostwriter will help you to filter the information relevant to your topic from the masses and to prepare it in an academically high-quality way.

Our ghostwriters can do a variety of tasks for you, giving you time to focus on the essentials of your studies. Of course, we also accompany you during the project phase, but above all, it makes sense to resort to the help of an expert in writing the results. With their professional expertise and many years of academic experience, our authors are reliable partners who will accompany you from the evaluation of the research results to the paperwork to proofreading and formatting.

We consider it especially important to individually and intensively supervise your project assignment. Therefore, it is important for us to be able to provide you with a ghostwriter who knows your area of ​​study very well and can provide you valuable input for your topic. Since the project assignment usually involves a practical question, the resulting documentation and its interpretation are parts of the project assignment that often unsettles students. Our authors support you during the writing phase with the aid of sample texts and an individual correction of your texts. In addition to the comprehensible presentation of your results and a clearly recognisable line of argumentation, our experts translate your project work into an academically high-quality and linguistically convincing text. We also conduct a plagiarism check during final editing.

Using a ghostwriter on a project assignment – how can our ghostwriters be of assistance?

You certainly have a good reason for studying at a cooperative state university, because it here that practical experience is emphasised over theory. Thus, you’re not alone when it comes to the problem of supporting practical examples with theoretical backgrounds.

Our ghostwriters have many years of experience writing academic texts and have significant professional competence. They are trained in theoretical work and can therefore show you how, using current theories, a concrete operational problem can be generalised in such a way that it allows for analytically sound reasoning. If you are lacking the needed theoretical knowledge and understanding, our academics are happy to take on technical support by answering questions of all kinds. They are always reliably available either by email or, when it comes to more extensive issues, also by phone. This goes without saying in our agency, because we see ourselves as an academic service provider.

This also includes a professional proofreading service. Because of their experience in academic writing, our ghostwriters immediately recognise when the discrepancy between two approaches is too great, arguments do not align, or the organisation of smaller sections is generally not logically arranged. Since experience has shown that many students, especially in the first project assignment, provide too much description and too little analysis, you will also receive appropriate information and suggestions for improvement in this area. From time to time it may happen that the literature a student has drawn on is out of date because it has since been replaced by new publications in the relatively fast moving journals. Since our academics use their experience to survey the current state of research, they can provide valuable information on necessary revisions. This also applies to fine-tuning the text when it comes to the style and the appropriate use of technical terms.

As a service provider, we generally only want to assist you on your way to independent academic work. However, if you have a tight deadline and might not meet it, we also offer more comprehensive help. Our ghostwriters can save a lot of time in research by creating a list of the most relevant works and at the same time referencing the best pages of key works. If you have trouble with your line of reasoning, we can help you find it again with samples that offer exemplary orientation and possible templates for writing your text.

Ghostwriter project assignment work – your benefits

Project assignments are primarily written at cooperative state universities. At the highly theoretically oriented universities, the emphasis is on delivering term papers that also examine purely abstract technical problems under a magnifying glass. At cooperative state universities, on the other hand, the focus is more on the connection between theory and practice. Therefore, in their project assignments, students should be able to prove that they can master theoretical foundations on an academic level and apply them to practical problems. Due to the economic orientation of many cooperative state universities, these practical problems revolve around the experiences of organisational procedures and processes that were gained during the practical phases in the company.

Particularly noteworthy is the academic character of project assignments. Without the incorporation of basic theories and findings of the respective subject (usually business administration or computer science) it will hardly meet the requirements that should not be underestimated. The key point is the application of theoretical knowledge to a concrete operational question. It is less about providing an activity report, because a pure representation of processes in the operational practice would not be sufficient. Although their description must be made briefly at the beginning, in project assignments one should quickly move on to the analysis of the practical work that’s been done. The work is successful if you demonstrate that your example is not a standalone matter, but shows something that is universally valid, that can be explained with theories and ultimately changed. One can orient oneself to the existing solutions in the technical literature in doing so. Either one then decides to adapt an existing approach or one makes a well-founded compilation of the partial aspects of several approaches. It is important to evaluate various approaches in their practicality and not just string together existing arguments. In this way you demonstrate that you have dealt intensively with the topic yourself. An even greater achievement would be to incorporate your own ideas for the improvement of operational practice at the end of the analysis. This can be done on the basis of a procedure model, although the development of a checklist with individual measures is also appropriate. One should be able to emphasise clearly that these results can in principle be applied to other similar basic problems, because scientifically, project assignments are only possible through reproducibility of the results.

The formal requirements associated with project assignments are quite strict and must be complied with, otherwise the lecturers may refuse to accept the work if strictly interpreted. At many cooperative state universities, the target for the total allowable amount is 5,000 words, usually allowing a variance of about plus or minus 500 words.

Chamber of commerce and industry ghostwriter project assignments

The topic should be as current as possible and be worked through within 30 days. In contrast to the cooperative state university, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry places less emphasis on the detail of the theoretical fundamentals. But that doesn’t mean that you can neglect them! It always makes a good impression to use academically sound business literature to analyse the background of a specific case.

The key to success lies in a convincing business-related section, in which classical topics such as utility analyses and profitability calculations are detailed in relation to a specific case. Pay attention to the appropriate application of the calculation methods. In the conclusion of the project assignment, you must position yourself clearly and present with well-founded arguments what a suitable proposal for a decision should look like. Throughout the work, a precise outline must be recognisable. The optimal structure begins with the company presentation and the concrete problem situation. This actual state is then compared with the desired state and suggestions for improving the existing are shown. Only then should the profitability calculation be provided.

The technical aspects of the project assignment must be presented in the technical discussion after submission of the written work. Avoid presenting your written work word for word. It is much more important that you clearly highlight and summarise the relevant facts. Of course, the language used has to be convincing and the presentation should not be too long. A good guideline is 10-12 clearly designed slides of a power point presentation.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry project assignment must always emphasise the practical relevance of the work! Make sure to keep this in mind when submitting project assignments in this area and get professional academic help. We can provide you a non-binding offer to provide the help you need; give us a call today!