You’ve probably already heard that the ghostwriting industry is booming. Translated, this only means that more and more people are using the services of ghostwriters and ghostwriting agencies. But who are these people?

You are no doubt familiar with ghostwriting in the academic field. One repeatedly hears about students who use ghostwriters to write their homework assignments and theses. Ghostwriting can also occurs in a wide range of fields and is often used by politicians and celebrities. Some have their speeches written by ghostwriters, others hire ghostwriters because the time is ripe for their memoirs. While these are certainly two interesting fields, their share of the ghostwriting market is relatively low compared to that enjoyed by academic ghostwriting. The fact of the matter is, every day countless academic papers are written by ghostwriters, and these are not celebrity biographies. Likewise, the names and faces of those people who are in the public eye and who might be presumed not to have written their own biographies is well known. However, the host of students who are helped by ghostwriters remains mainly anonymous. So the question remains, which students actually use ghostwriting?

Who hires a ghostwriter – and why do they do it?

It’s certainly impossible to cite one particular kind of student who seeks help from a ghostwriter, because a stereotypcial case just doesn’t exist. The reasons for why students turn to ghostwriters are as many as the stars in the night sky, however, there are a lot of common reasons why students turn to ghostwriters.

Some students who use ghostwriters include those who are also working while studying because they either have to pay for their education or want get a head start on gaining valuable experience in the professional world. However, if the university is required to provide a variety of study credits or graduate work, it may be difficult for these students to get a handle on everything.

Ghostwriters’ clients also include those students who have difficulty writing complex and extensive academic papers. After all, not everyone finds writing such an easy thing to do. Therefore, students from the natural sciences in particular rely on ghostwriting.

Students who are not adequately looked after by their professors and lecturers or who simply don’t learn how to write an academic assignment during their studies also resort to ghostwriting. The fact of the matter is that these sorts of students exist in every faculty and it’s sad to see students left to fend for themselves with their technical and formal questions, but it happens all the time. Unfortunately, all too often, students turn to a teacher who is either unavailable or too short-sighted to effectively respond to their questions. In addition, some students have the problem that they never have had to write any assignments during their entire studies, and when it comes time to write a thesis, they have no idea where to begin. This is really unfortunate, because written assignments exist to help students to learn how to properly write academic work. If students are then asked to do their thesis with no real experience, the groundwork has been laid for a disaster and it’s almost inevitable that a ghostwriter has to be called in to help save the day.