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The bachelor’s degree is the first of two consecutive qualifying degrees. Students usually receive a bachelor’s after 6-8 semesters and a master’s after a further semesters. Depending on the respective university, various examinations or written papers are required to successfully complete the respective study program. A bachelor’s thesis usually covers 20-40 pages and must be created within a fixed time frame of 4-8 weeks. Many students feel strongly under time pressure, especially shortly before the end of their studies. If you’d like to write your bachelor’s thesis with the good feeling of a professional by your side, we’re just what you need to get the job done!

What does our bachelor’s thesis service include?

In contrast to earlier times, with a well-graded bachelor’s thesis on a relevant research topic you have the opportunity to get started in professional life and earn money in a relatively short period of time. Alternatively, the bachelor’s degree offers admission to the master’s program. However, a successful bachelor’s thesis is not everything: Those things you have achieved in the course of your studies also comprise part of your final grade. But the bachelor’s thesis itself is an important cornerstone of your final grade.

In order to achieve it, with the bachelor’s thesis you must prove that you can provide an independent academic achievement – in other words, write a paper on a topic that you have either sought yourself or have been given by your instructor to write. These include the ability to conduct independent research, the linking of scientific theories with concrete case studies or practical models, and the appropriate handling of specialist literature and research results. In order to meet the college’s requirements for a bachelor’s thesis, apply the techniques and skills you have acquired during your studies. The topic you are working on should ideally cover the main area of ​​your studies. If you want to finish your studies after completing your bachelor’s thesis, it may be useful to outsource the work to a company where you can already establish important contacts for your career entry.

How do you help our ghostwriters write the bachelor thesis?

Our ghostwriters usually have many years of academic experience and at least a qualifying degree. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of their respective fields, they are the ideal contact for your bachelor’s thesis. We carefully select our authors and provide you with a ghostwriter who is well-versed in your field of research and can contribute a wealth of knowledge. Your own ideas and approaches can be assessed by our experts on the basis of their experience and they can give you valuable tips for developing your bachelor’s thesis. Depending on the field of study and the main topic, they also incorporate their professional knowledge and current reference points from the latest specialist publications. If you write your bachelor’s thesis with a ghostwriter, we will accompany you step by step over the entire period of time, from research to paperwork to proofreading and formatting.

How does the writing of the bachelor’s thesis work with a ghostwriter?

Our goal is that you write a bachelor’s thesis or have it written by us that meets both your own requirements and the requirements of your faculty at the university. The product you submit should not only be flawless and free of plagiarism, but should include a piece of research that you can proudly and confidently write your name on. For this reason, we not only strictly adhere to the requirements of discretion and privacy, but also make very precise arrangements with you, especially at the beginning of our collaboration. In the run-up to the writing process, this involves an intensive planning phase, during which we set the bachelor’s thesis goals together with you and identify the central question.

On this basis, as well as based on a provisional list of references, our ghostwriters work with you to develop a first structure for the bachelor’s thesis, which serves as a framework for the subsequent writing, so to speak.

Once the most important arrangements have been made, you decide how often you would like to communicate with our ghostwriter and to what extent you want to be involved in the work process yourself. Our authors are adept at academic work and independently and routinely carry out both the literature search and the excerpting of the relevant works and provide you with the information you need for the actual writing of the bachelor’s thesis. Nevertheless, some tasks remain on your to-do list: You must make arrangements with your supervisor at the university as well as carry out any experiments in the lab or surveys yourself. In the evaluation of the research results, our experts join in once again and take over important but time-consuming tasks from you. In addition, our ghostwriters are, of course, always available for you if you have difficulties in terms of content, structure or form.

Let us write your bachelor’s thesis for you!

Short on time and still need to make progress academically? Let us write your bachelor thesis for you!

The bachelor’s degree offers students both advantages and disadvantages. As a fully recognised degree, it offers graduates the opportunity to enter their chosen profession after having completed only a relatively few semesters. On the other hand, due to the strong modularisation of the bachelor’s/master’s degree programs, the time pressure within the degree program has increased enormously. The tight timeframe provides psychological as well as temporal pressure, which is why many students shy away from the hurdle of the bachelor’s thesis. The have neither acquired the necessary expertise in academic writing during their studies, nor do they feel confident in their field of study. So that you can still submit a good bachelor’s thesis, it may be useful to rely on the expertise of a professional ghostwriter in the preparation of the thesis.

Building on the knowledge that you gained in the course of your studies with in-house and seminar assignments, with the bachelor’s thesis you should be able to prove that you are capable of delivering an independent academic achievement based on the knowledge acquired in the course. Above all, the literature research, correct citations and the compliance with formal requirements cause many students difficulties, which you can tackle in a relaxed way with a ghostwriter. Our authors usually look back on a long-standing academic career and can assist you with many tasks from literature research to editing and formatting. We place great importance on discretion and the protection of your personal information.

As far as the timeframe and the course of the preparation of your bachelor’s thesis is concerned, we are guided by you or the requirements of your university. Before we begin with the actual writing, we plan the content of the work together with you. Our ghostwriters are your point of contact over the entire creative period – from literature research and preparing excerpts from specialist literature to the actual writing to follow-up proofreading and plagiarism control. We make sure that the central question (and answering it) are the focus of your bachelor’s thesis.

A ghostwriter for your bachelor’s thesis – your benefits

In most cases, writing a bachelor’s thesis is the first major academic work any student has to compose. Accordingly, the professional requirements are notably higher than in the shorter seminar papers during the first semester, because now the maturity for creating in-depth academic work needs to be proven for the subsequent master’s studies and master’s thesis.

The main challenge is dealing with an academic question using state-of-the-art theories. With a scope of at least 35, but usually between 40 and 50 pages (the specific formal requirements vary according to the university), one is easily inclined to regard the bachelor’s thesis as an extended main seminar assignment. In two aspects, however, there are important differences. On the one hand, previous seminar assignments often contained a summary of existing knowledge, which was then ultimately evaluated with one’s own opinions. This is no longer enough, because the bachelor’s thesis revolves around the approach: Now we have the challenge of devising our own theses from the beginning, which will then be substantiated with known research. The degree of academic independence is thus much higher, because even the search for a topic and the conception of a first rough draft requires more personal performance than assignments, which had to that point mostly closely focused on the content of the seminar. Emerging from this higher degree of autonomy, the student should develop constructs for the advancement of existing theories and a well-founded criticism of current paradigms of the research should be recognisable. Each chapter must be logically consistent so that a clear line of reasoning is drawn throughout the work.
Compared to previous assignments and term papers, the bachelor’s thesis emphasises the importance of critically assessing the objectivity of central questions. While it was sufficient in previous seminar papers to rely on arguments from authorities on a particular subject, in the bachelor’s thesis it becomes important to develop a fine sense for the differentiation in opinion and counter-opinion; especially at the theoretical meta-level (“Why does the author represent this position and not another?”), several methods are initially explored. More important than the selection of such is often the justification itself, which must be made in a much more detailed way than before in the introduction. The reasons for choosing the question and the relevance of the topic also require more space for discussion.

The ability to write objectively is also important for the success of the bachelor’s thesis. For an academically substantiated statement, it is often better to represent the reliability of one’s own arguments with reference to potentially conflicting statistics or unexpected practical consequences of a theory that may be promising, rather than leaving one’s own approach unquestioned. Our bachelor’s thesis ghostwriters can help you with all these questions and challenges.

Tips from our ghostwriters for your bachelor’s thesis

When it comes to a bachelor’s thesis, good time management is particularly important because given the relatively large size of 40 to 50 pages, the two month timeframe that is usually stipulated by most universities is quite tight. At any rate, it is worth taking the time to think about the topic, its limitations and, if possible, the drafting of a first key question before work begins. In doing so, you then will already have the opportunity to search for the appropriate basic literature and, ideally, to create a rough outline. You can use the time gained in this way later for the very time-consuming literature research. Success substantially depends on the work done in this time, because mistakes such as ignoring the current state of research or important works by respected authors often already happen at this point and then run like a chain of errors through the entire work.

A good reading strategy also saves more time. Nobody manages to completely read all the relevant works in the limited timeframe of about two months. Instead, it’s sufficient at first to just do the introduction and to pay attention to whether the work is useful for answering the key question or instead conveys only incidental knowledge. This is exactly why it’s really so important to have already thought about the main question and rough outline in advance, because one will only be able to really assess quickly whether a particular work will be helpful with these considerations in mind.

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How can our ghostwriters help with your bachelor’s thesis?

Thanks to the professional accompaniment by our competent and experienced academics when writing your academic texts, you’ll soon find you’re on the right path to success. With their in-depth expertise, they can provide comprehensive explanations on all kinds of questions and point out unclear or ambiguous arguments. If you’re not only concerned with the correction of technical aspects, but also stylistic subtleties that significantly influence the overall impression of the work – then our proofreading service may be just what you need. This can really pay off, especially in avoiding typical mistakes in academic reasoning. Due to the initially unusually wide scope of the bachelor’s thesis, one can quickly lose oneself in trivial matters and it may feel as if one is writing in a scattershot way. Our experienced writers immediately recognise if the argumentation is not focused and directed to answering the key question and can then improve the quality of your work by means of targeted suggestions for improvement. This then has a very positive effect on presenting a clearly recognisable stringency of the argument, which is an essential criterion for achieving the best possible grade.

We see ourselves as an academic service provider that offers a range of services specifically tailored to your own academic work. Actually, this function should theoretically be provided by staff at universities, but professors and assistants are unfortunately so heavily involved in their own work that the mentoring of students is often left behind. If you feel the same way, rest assured, we won’t leave you standing in the rain without an umbrella. Thanks to their significant expertise, our ghostwriters have real insights and experience in an increasingly confusing research landscape and can therefore provide you with valuable tips on respected works or those that feature a particular innovation of argumentation. If you are simply short on time and can’t conduct the very time-consuming and important literature research, our bachelor’s thesis ghostwriters will come to your aid and create complete bibliographies.

In the course of any longer work, unexpected problems can occur and those who are unable to write for long periods of time due to bereavement or illness can quickly find their entire schedules in disarray. In such a case, our ghostwriters will jump in for you and write text to help you find that lost train of thought. Obviously, we would much rather accompany you on your way to independent academic work by helping yourself to help yourself. That’s why our ghostwriters are happy to answer all kinds of questions by email or phone and take the time they need to help you personally.

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