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Many students want to stay at the university after completing their studies and pursue an academic career. If you are looking for a career in research or if you would like to take a leading position in business or politics, generally speaking, you won’t be able to avoid writing a dissertation or doctoral thesis. The preparation of this research work is a prerequisite for such a professional career and requires academic work at the highest level. With the successful passing of the dissertation, the graduates receive the doctorate and may use the corresponding professional name suffix in all official matters.

What is included in our dissertation services?

Over the course of study, the demands that professors and lecturers require in academic work gradually increase. While term, seminar and project assignments are rather limited in terms of scope and requirements, the demands increase gradually with bachelor’s, master’s or thesis work. Basically, in a thesis, more abstract performances are required than in a term paper or assignment, in which existing knowledge may often simply be summarised and presented. The dissertation represents a further step after the final thesis: It is intended to prove that the doctoral student is able to develop academic theories in his own work and to reject or refute them. In addition to substantiating the theses through in-depth expertise, many faculties demand a high degree of originality and innovation. A dissertation closes gaps in research and makes a relevant contribution to the respective subject. The aim of a doctoral thesis is therefore the development of new theoretical approaches that, written in a methodically clean way and formulated in a linguistically flawless form, lead to new findings for research.

In terms of both content and scope, academic and humanities dissertations must be separated from each other. The doctoral thesis in an academic subject usually has extensive test series in the laboratory or in a company in terms of content and can be relatively short. A humanities dissertation is usually a comprehensive work, based on intensive literature study theoretical work, which may contain empirical research parts, but does not have to. While an scientific dissertation is often under 100 pages, a humanities dissertation can easily reach more than 300 pages.

How do you help our ghostwriters write the doctoral thesis?

Most of the scientific work (term papers, project assignments, theses) is done during the actual study. In the doctoral thesis, however, it often occurs that, since the dissertation can not be completed until after graduation, the doctoral students must complete their dissertation alongside their professional activity. Few graduates can afford to focus on completing their own dissertation and not working at the same time. Both professional work and employment at the university are time-consuming and leave little room for research on the dissertation project. For this reason, work on the dissertation is in most cases done during private leisure time. Those who are exhausted after a long day at work often do not have the motivation and energy they need to work out profound scientific theories in the evening or at the weekend.

Working with one of our ghostwriters can fill this gap. While you concentrate on the job, our authors take over important tasks such as literature research and the review of relevant materials, write sample texts and summarise research results for you. Benefit from our expert knowledge and the routine of our ghostwriters in dealing with scientific issues. In close consultation with you, our authors plan the contents of your dissertation and update you regularly with the current status of the results.

Just how does the collaboration work with our ghostwriter?

As a rule, we start with an intensive planning phase. The topic of a dissertation is often wide-ranging and should be discussed in advance. In this phase, questions and hypotheses are formed that define the structure of the dissertation. Depending on how intensively you can and want to be involved in the development process of the doctoral thesis, our ghostwriters will then take over a defined number of the tasks to be done. Even if you haven’t time to do your own research, you will regularly gain insight into the current state of research and will be provided with results.

Since our authors can concentrate fully on the preparation of their dissertation, we usually complete it much faster than if you work on it in your spare time. But even if you would like to take over the writing yourself and the process is therefore protracted, our ghostwriters are always available to assist you with any questions or problems. Our service includes research, reading the literature, the actual writing, making corrections, editing, proofreading, formatting and even the overall design of your dissertation. Nevertheless, you can intervene in the work process at any time and make changes or provide an individual touch to the work at the end. After all, the dissertation is going to be published later under your own name./p>

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You have a lot to do and still want to get ahead academically? Let us write your doctoral thesis!

The thesis or dissertation is the ticket to the world of academic careers or a profession with the prospect of leadership positions. After completing your studies with a diploma or master’s degree, you have the opportunity to enter directly into the profession, on the one hand, but to increase your career opportunities by working on a dissertation on the other. Few graduates can work with the financial support of a scholarship at the university – most either work as a research associate in their faculty or carry out the doctoral thesis parallel to the profession. Since doctoral thesis requirements can rarely be fulfilled in one’s free time alone, it may be useful to fall back on the support of an experienced academic when working on the dissertation.

Our professional ghostwriters help you to master the workload and take care of numerous tasks that relieve you of time and mental stress.

Our ghostwriters can assist you, especially during the preparatory phase of your doctoral thesis. They are well-versed in academic work and contribute expert knowledge that you would to laboriously work through on your own. Therefore, the cooperation of our authors is mainly implemented during the research phase. As you focus on your own day job, our ghostwriters create bibliographies, review the relevant literature and create excerpts that you can later use as the basis for your dissertation. In addition, we also create sample texts, make corrections and revisions of your texts and are always responsive to questions and difficulties.

A dissertation can be written over a long period of several years. Depending on the subject, it differs greatly in its scope. Our ghostwriters work with you to determine the timeframe during which the doctoral thesis should be written and in which form you will contribute to the process. Partial deliveries at previously agreed times give you an overview of the work of our authors, who of course are always open to requests for changes and additions. We always pay close attention to compliance with the required discretion.

Anyone seeking a career in research or directly at the university will not be able to avoid writing a dissertation because it is the ticket to the world of science. A dissertation is also a matter for anyone involved in the economy or politics if they want to explore options for leadership positions. It should demonstrate the ability to work independently in the scientific, academic world.

Thus, the dissertation differs significantly from academic theses such as bachelor’s or master’s thesis, because a clear step up in the level of quality and depth of research and reasoning must be demonstrated in the dissertation. While it is quite sufficient to suggest the further development of existing theoretical approaches in diploma and master’s theses, these must be comprehensively substantiated in a dissertation and further developed to the very core. The decisive factor is that a contribution to theory development is apparent. Against this background, it becomes clear that without a profound theoretical abstraction, the doctoral title will not be granted. Equally important is the examination of the current state of research. Although this is already important in bachelor’s and master’s theses, it becomes even more important when it comes to the topicality of the literature used in a doctoral thesis. Obviously, one cannot do without the preliminary work of other scientists and the localisation of one’s own approach in mirroring the works of others, but the degree of innovation of the dissertation is always decisive. Nothing would be more detrimental to success than just providing a summary of existing knowledge.

It is fundamentally important to note the difference between humanities and scientific dissertations. In the case of the former, it is important to create new theoretical approaches or to redefine key terms. They are mostly purely theoretical works based on literary research. In contrast, scientific dissertations do not come without new empirical findings that can only be gained in the laboratory. In view of this, it must be clear that about five years is the normal working time and you will personally have to contribute a great deal of self-discipline, will and motivation. Ultimately, only those who show a passion for their topic are likely to succeed. This also applies to dissertations in humanities, for which one must be willing to spend around three years studying the literature intensively.

Unlike previous academic theses, there is no limit to the scope of a doctoral thesis. However, there are lower limits to be considered, so a humanities or social science work should not be less than 200 pages.

How can our ghostwriters help with your dissertation?

Many individuals who decide to write a dissertation are already employed and working. But it’s hardly possible to find time and leisure in the evening after work in order to submerge oneself profoundly in scientific problems. Due to the work-related temporal distance to graduation, the techniques of scientific work are no longer so internalised as during study periods. Against this background, many doctoral students have technical problems, because they are quickly overwhelmed with the understanding and demanding development of abstract theories. Even the supervising professor is often of no help, because although he is supposed to act as a mentor, he often has little time to effectively help in detailed discussions.

Our professional ghostwriters have the potential to fill this gap with their experience in writing scientific texts and, of course, the highest levels of expertise. They will take enough time to respond to individual issues (especially for understanding) and provide comprehensive explanations that allow you to work on a topic independently. If you are unable to do so due to major problems, it certainly helps to provide sample texts for individual chapters or passages of the dissertation. In general, however, it is our intention to enable you to work independently on your own. Often it helps a lot if our experienced and competent ghostwriters take the time to deal in detail with technical questions of all kinds. For this purpose, our authors are available by email and by phone in need to clarify more extensive questions, of course. The proofreading service we provide may also prove very helpful. In this way, our ghostwriters not only are capable of polishing your text stylistically, but can also scrutinise the stringency of the argument and the logic of the structure, and make suggestions for improvement wherever possible.
With their vast experience in academic writing, our ghostwriters also find it easy to work their way through the jungle of scientific publications. In the process, you receive valuable information on particularly important works and of course get tips on which authors are particularly regarded in your field and which are regarded as rather controversial; after all, your success also depends on whether your supervisor regards the scientific value of your dissertation as being high enough. With more extensive literature research needs, ghostwriters also create bibliographic lists that you can rely on.

Tips from our ghostwriters for your dissertation

Since professors best understand the state of research based on their experience, they often see gaps in existing research approaches, which graduates inexperienced in research may not be aware of. It therefore often happens that professors suggest a topic to particularly good graduates that they would like to supervise. Anyone who agrees to this, while not needing to worry about a supposedly making a “wrong” topic choice, should nevertheless exercise caution when selecting a topic. Due to the long working time of at least three years, often longer, motivation and passion for the topic is a key factor for success. The motivation is higher when working on a self-chosen topic that is really of interest. Of course, the topic must be discussed well in advance with the supervisor. Before the beginning of the writing process it must become clear in conversations what the question and rough classification should look like. Nothing would be more time-consuming and less motivating than starting too early only to have to later rethink one’s own approach entirely because the professor is not satisfied with it.

It’s also important to always use the latest research literature. Due to the long working time, however, it may happen that literature used at the beginning has since been replaced by a newly published publication. Above all, the publications in journals are very fast-paced and there is a risk that shortly before you submit the finished work, a new article appears that you no longer have read and thus are subject to the charge of ignoring important literature.

Our ghostwriters will help you in writing your thesis. We’re more than happy to collaborate and contribute to the success of your dissertation. From identifying a topic, to literature research, to help with empirical research, to the academic support of the ghostwriter on your doctoral thesis, we provide services covering the entire academic spectrum. More and more college graduates are opting to dedicate years of their lives to a topic and to writing a thesis. The way to achieving the doctoral title, however, is rocky. Our PhD thesis ghostwriters will show you how to organise your dissertation and how to enjoy developing the scientific work. Of course, we offer a wide range of academic services in this supreme discipline.

Thanks to our extensive pool of doctoral students and professors, our ghostwriters know how to write a thesis successfully. Simply get in touch and we’ll work with you to help you successfully achieve your doctoral thesis.

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