Many students are faced with anxiety when sitting down to write an essay. From planning the structure of your assignment to deciphering which topic to choose, there’s no doubt that writing a great essay is challenging. Fear not though; you can have a custom essay written for you. Here’s what you can expect if you choose to go down that path.

Starting Strong

Every essay you write should start with a planning phase. Once you’ve chosen your topic, we will break your essay down into three sections: the beginning, middle, and end. We will then break each section down into smaller bits, turning every idea into a list of bite sized chunks. This will make it easier to visualize exactly what each paragraph will look like and allow us to organize the points you want to convey paragraph by paragraph, or even sentence by sentence.

Order is Everything

The order in which you lay out your arguments will have a huge effect on your overall assignment. Just as your essay should start with an interesting introduction, the first argument in your essay should pack a punch. We will aim to start your essay off with a compelling argument that will peak the reader’s (and your professor’s) interest and leave them eager to read more. The idea is to start your essay off by demonstrating immediately why the point of view or theory you are advocating for matters. Subsequent paragraphs can consist of arguments that may not be as compelling as the first, although all arguments that make it into to the final draft of your essay will be worth elaborating on.

Going Out with a Bang

It is often said that if you can’t picture yourself carrying out an epic rockstar-esque mic drop at the end of your essay, you need to write a stronger conclusion. Many writers think of the conclusion as the most important part of an essay, and for good reason. The conclusion of your essay is your last chance to illustrate key points to the audience and convince them of why your paper’s theme matters. When planning your conclusion, we will tie your essay’s main points together in a neat little bow. This is the point where each previous argument and analogy will come together to create an overall essay arc.

Putting Pen to Paper

Planning makes perfect, and we will put hours of it into each essay we write for you. A great tip for writing an A+ essay is to lay your arguments out in a list from strongest to weakest. This will give you an idea of where to place the arguments within your essay. We do this for every custom essay we produce. We also further break our arguments down point by point to take most of the guesswork out of your essay before we start writing. This is one of many secrets to how we continue to produce top-quality essays.