In many areas, a doctoral degree is a prerequisite for promotion to management positions. In some areas, such as in the sciences, academia and research, the title is a must and qualifies a person for an academic career. But in politics, economy and culture, a PhD can open many doors and throughout the world is still associated with immense social prestige.

Since achieving a doctorate should de facto include new academic findings and presupposes conducting independent research, the hurdles to obtaining a doctorate are relatively high. PhD students who have a scholarship or are engaged in research are well positioned to graduate successfully within a few years.

The situation is different for the so-called external doctorate students who hope to graduate without a direct connection to research or a scholarship and often already have both feet firmly in day-to-day working life. Working on a doctorate in addition to working professionally on a full-time basis is extremely stressful and leaves the doctoral student little time for extensive, time-consuming fundamental research. However, these doctoral candidates must also be judged by the same standards that apply to other graduating full-time doctoral students.

There are many reasons for hiring a professional writer to author your dissertation. Often there are work and family commitments that make it impossible to focus on the writing or the completion of the work for graduation. Health, personal or professional crises are unpredictable and can affect anyone. For those already employed, they will hardly find the time required to be able to concentrate on writing a thesis for months at a time.

The advantage of using a ghostwriter is obvious. Our authors are employed full-time writing academic works and also have many years of experience in academia. A professional ghostwriter can quickly become steeped in any subject and as a professional author must be capable of completing complex projects in a very short period of time. Our writers have the necessary media skills to be able to perform literature and source searches quickly and efficiently and have as a general rule already done research in the subject field itself. We work with authors to create a sophisticated and professional text in the shortest amount of time that meets all formal and content-related requirements. When it comes to the collection and analysis of empirical data, we have specialised ghostwriters who can complete the job quickly and easily.

Our agency’s ghostwriters are not only able to support you during the writing process, but can also offer advice during the entire doctoral project. These days and with the rise of mass universities, the relationship between supervisors and doctoral students is often not particularly close, especially in the so-called mainstream subjects (law, business and social sciences). Quite often, external doctoral students in particular are hardly supervised at all on content-related matters and cannot exchange ideas about their difficulties with other doctoral students, if for no other reason than the lack of time and opportunity. Our ghostwriters can fill this gap and offer personalised, expert advice. We have no basic, template-based solutions that only provide standard answers and avoid personal and confidential advice. Our experienced writers address your specific problems directly and can provide prompt, thorough and competent assistance.

A close interaction between you and the ghostwriter is desired!

Since we only work with highly qualified and experienced authors, you’re in good hands with us when it comes to your questions, whether it’s concrete problems during the writing process, or if you need help with the selection of a good topic, our wide range of services provides a great solution for every kind of problems related to academic writing.

In addition to specific assistance during the writing process, with our help you’ll find it’s also possible to pick a suitable topic, conduct a source and literature search, or to even have the entire thesis written by one of our experienced authors. The scope of the services we offer reflects the requirements for a doctorate and ranges from simple proofreading, to the final formatting of your work, to the complete creation of the text.

Once we receive your request, we’ll send you a free, non-binding and customised offer. No later than 24 hours after receipt of your request, you’ll receive a concrete offer. If this offer meets your requirements, we’ll set up contact between you and the author. We only entrust your dissertation to ghostwriters with PhDs who have several years of experience in the field of academic ghostwriting and have done research themselves in the corresponding field.

You always have the option of personally communicating with the ghostwriter via email, by phone or in another way (e.g., Skype) about your work. Once you agree to the offer, the author will begin working immediately. During the entire timeframe when work is being done, of course, both you and the author can remain anonymous, if you so choose.

The general rule is that you can determine how the work to be done with your author is to be structured. If you so choose, you can have all communications run through our agency or as mentioned personally speak with the ghostwriter. You will be personally supervised by one author throughout the the entire process, who will operate in accordance with your specifications. In the unlikely event you are not be satisfied with the author or problems arise, we will of course immediately assign you another ghostwriter.

In consultation with you, we determine a schedule for partial deliveries, which not only allows you to track the progress of the work, but also gives you the opportunity to give the author feedback. If desired, you can of course make changes to the text or voice criticism. In general, the more detailed you communicate your ideas to the author, the more smoothly the collaboration will normally proceed. You can naturally send the author material, make suggestions and discuss concrete problems.

The plagiarism scandals of recent years have resulted in the fact that professors now typically require strict adherence to academic standards. Thus, the pressure on the doctoral candidates is greater than ever, in particular when it comes to external candidates who cannot develop a very close supervisor relationship as other PhD students who are institutionally connected to a university typically can. The tightening of standards is not only content-related, but is also particularly applicable when it comes to formal requirements. Citation and format requirements must be adhered to scrupulously, otherwise you not only run the risk of getting a bad grade, but may even be accused of plagiarism. We only deliver originally authored texts, guaranteed. Before the final text is sent to you, it is run through a plagiarism software check and is also subjected a check for formal, content-related and stylistic defects (four-eye principle) by one of our employees.