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The master’s thesis is the last academic step before you finish your studies. With this academic achievement, you should prove that you are able to carry out independent academic work and are ready for entry into the profession. Depending on whether you are interested in a career in the private sector or in research, you should already be establishing a focus in your master’s thesis. In many fields of study, especially in the natural sciences or in the field of education, it makes sense to write the master’s thesis outside the university in a company. With such a thesis, you not only gain an exciting insight into professional practice, but can already make important contacts for the subsequent career entry.

What services does the master’s thesis include?

While it was previously the case that the dipoma thesis served to complete one’s studies, these days the bachelor’s/master’s system is the framework in which this task is completed. In most courses, the master’s thesis has long since replaced the diploma thesis. As the the bachelor’s thesis is usually preceded by completion of the bachelor’s degree, the thesis is usually shorter than the previous diploma thesis. In a framework of approx. 70-90 pages, you should be able to show that you have learned and understood the basics of the academic method and that you can apply it to a subject-specific question. The content and scope of the course are highly dependent on the subject of study and may differ greatly from one university to another. Therefore, we recommend that you also make precise arrangements with the respective lecturer when working with a ghostwriter to supervise your master’s thesis.

As a thesis for a professional qualification, the master’s thesis requires a certain amount of personal contribution. The academic working methods that you have learned during your studies serve to answer the central question that you are dealing with in an academically high-quality way. Independent academic work, the proper handling of bibliographies and literature as well as a technically correct manner of citation form the basis of a successful master’s thesis. Many lecturers also expect basic skills such as project planning, self-organisation and time management.

How do our ghostwriters help you write the master’s thesis?

Since the study structure has become increasingly narrower and many more academic achievements have to be accomplished during the course of study, the time pressure to which the students are exposed has also increased. In particular, term papers and study assignments or oral exams have to be completed right up to the end of one’s studies alongside the production of a master’s thesis. Thus, so that you can focus on your studies and still graduate without losing one or more semesters, we can support you with one of our experienced ghostwriters. Our writers will help you to prepare and structure the master’s thesis, as well as taking many tasks off your mind and allow you to focus on exams or other things that have priority.

In order to ensure that you never lose track of things and that our authors work on your master’s thesis topic in your area of interest, an intensive planning phase occurs at the beginning of the collaboration, during which we define the central question together with you and the tasks that have to be done in the course of the master’s thesis, structuring and integrating it all into a timetable. Only then do our ghostwriters start their research and actual writing. You decide how intensively you want to be involved in the preparation of your master’s thesis topic. Nevertheless, of course, some tasks remain your responsibility. These include agreements with your supervisor at the university as well as any experiments that you have to carry out independently. In addition, our authors will be happy to do most of the work (if you prefer) and provide you with regular results on a regular basis.

How does the writing of the master’s thesis with a ghostwriter actually work?

If you choose to let the ghostwriter work on his own initiative, much of the work will fall to us. After the planning is worked out together with you, our experts will start with a comprehensive literature search and compile a first list of relevant literature. In further steps, our ghostwriters examine and excerpt the relevant works and compile the information you need to answer the central question. Thanks to their many years of academic experience, our ghostwriters are well-versed in academic work and already bring with them a wealth of knowledge which, among other things, makes it easier for them to recognise interdisciplinary connections.

In addition to these preparatory research tasks, we take over the entire production process of your master’s thesis, from the writing and revision of individual parts of the text to proofreading and formatting. Of course, we attach the utmost importance to discretion and data protection and are always responsive during the writing phase for questions, requests for change and your own ideas. A plagiarism check at the end of work provides you additional security and confidence when it comes time to submit your final work.

We can write your master’s thesis!

Short on time but still need to finish your studies on schedule? Let us write your thesis for you!

The master’s thesis is the ultimate benchmark with which your are recognised as having successfully completed your studies. Because the time pressure in the highly structured and modularised study model has risen enormously, many students simply don’t feel up to the requirements. In addition, the art of academic writing is under-taught in many universities. In order to overcome the uncertainty in terms of bibliography, citation and academic research, it may be useful to seek the help of professional academics in the preparation of the master’s thesis.

Our ghostwriters have many years of academic experience and are well-versed in using academic working methods. In order to best support you in the research and writing of your master’s thesis, our service includes numerous possibilities to relieve you of work and relieve you of time and mental burden. Starting with the preparation of an outline and a bibliography on the detailed literature search to the actual writing, we assume many tasks from you and provide you valuable input, such as how to make your topic interdisciplinary in nature. Our experts are, of course, accessible at any time for content-related needs, including your own approaches and changes.

When preparing your master’s thesis, we place great emphasis on being able to contribute to the process to the extent that you wish. In a detailed planning phase, we determine which tasks our ghostwriters will take on and in which period the development should take place. Together with you, we develop the central question and set a transparent timetable that includes timely interim deliveries. In this way, you never lose track while our authors work further on your research. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can always contact our ghostwriters. we are your reliable partner, from the literature search to the writing phase to proofreading and formatting. Discretion and data protection are a natural aspect of our service.

How can our ghostwriters help with your dissertation?

Due to the academic staff’s high workload at universities, the supervisory and mentoring situation often leaves much to be desired, because neither a professor nor his academic staff ever seem to have enough time for a student’s needs. Time is one of the most valuable assets, because only with enough time can the complex questions about a challenging master’s thesis be satisfactorily clarified. As an academic ghostwriting agency, we take pride in being able to help students make up for the insufficient assistance provided by by professors. Therefore, it is only natural for our ghostwriters to provide comprehensive explanations of all kinds on technical problems and to help you to continue working on your own. If a question turns out to be too complex for an email, our ghostwriting agency can also be contacted by phone, of course. Beyond technical questions, we also are more than happy to provide proofreading services to help you achieve a successful master’s thesis. Professional proofreading can rectify common mistakes such as the failure to use specialist terminology, or stylistic aspects. Coherent structure is also very important. When it comes to a good master’s thesis, it is appropriate to argue on up to five structural levels. Our ghostwriters will reliably and expertly assess whether the structure of the work may need to be improved. This also applies to the quality of the reasoning, because you can avoid casting the whole work in a bad light due to technical errors or slightly misleading statements.

Are you looking for professional help with the literature search?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Due to their great experience in writing academic papers, our ghostwriters have an overview of respected fundamental works that must be included in any master’s thesis and can at the same time provide valuable tips for further specialist literature. If you have bigger problems in terms of time, we also offer complete creation of literature lists because research is very time-consuming and too important to neglect, also because one’s own reasoning is always based on the quality of the literature used.

Serious difficulties can arise in meeting a deadline due to unforeseen individual problems, such as a prolonged illness.. While our intention is only to provide independent academic work, our ghostwriters are ready to tackle drastic problems to create customised sample texts for your work, which you can use in individual chapters or sections of the work.

Master’s thesis ghostwriters – your benefits

The master’s thesis is the culmination of a student’s entire academic career. Just as the level of master’s programs is comparable, master’s theses are also quite similar. The scope should be between 80 and 100 pages, but there is no rigid upper limit. It should be noted above all that, depending on the university and degree program, the formal requirements may vary slightly. The guideline for the working time is generally six months.

A master’s thesis should prove that you are well versed in the techniques of academic work and can come to your own well-founded conclusions. It must always live up to its claim of originality and scientific innovation. In order to ensure this, it is necessary to be able to discern an in-depth discussion of scientific theories in the course of which a further development of existing approaches can be recognised. Further development does not mean that a whole new theory has to be developed – that remains the task of doctoral theses . However, it is important not to summarise existing knowledge – but to rethink the old with your own ideas – so creativity is needed. In the humanities for example, it may be useful to examine a philosophical theory for its possible application to a modern case study and to justify its relevance, while it seems fruitful in the social sciences to examine sociopolitical issues with new statistics. In order to have a sound basis for such approaches, the master’s thesis must be classified in the current state of research. In addition to the knowledge of standard works of the subject, the use of journals is appropriate, because unlike textbooks, the publication of articles does not take so long that they are no longer the most up to date when they appear. In addition, one should orient oneself on the arguments and reasons given there, since not only topicality, but also level correspond to the criteria for higher academic theses.

A successful work is always characterised by a highly stringent argument in which there are no logical contradictions. A clear structure is particularly important, which leads to the answer to the key question. Given the scale, it’s not always easy to keep track of the main thread of the argument. All chapters of the work, even those subdivided into five levels of structure, must provide an overall context, otherwise individual representations are not effective, which in turn reduces the academic and scientific quality of the entire work.

Our ghostwriters are happy to help you in writing the master’s thesis.

Tips from our ghostwriters for your master’s thesis

Every supervising professor is happy when a student demonstrates the ability to look beyond the borders of pure theory. Therefore, it is very good to provide the relevance of your own topic not only in terms of science, but also with respect to society. Even supposedly abstract theories can be referenced to concrete cases, with which it can be shown that a topic is more important than the title initially suggests.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid common mistakes. Many introductions of academic papers are inadequate, because the main question and use of particular methods is not clearly provided, but is rather only superficially justified. Your master’s thesis and the impression it makes becomes all the better when you can demonstrate your own approach and its place in the discourse of science in a more detailed way. Above all, a precise reflection of one’s own methodological approach is helpful. In the social sciences, especially, it is important to be able to emphasise the difference between empirical-analytical or normative-ontological procedure and to explain why you either only want to depict the current reality or evaluate in a value-related way.

For the entire master’s thesis, the following applies: Demonstrate the courage to use innovation and creativity, especially in the humanities and social sciences! If you simply copy and provide the thoughts of other authors, you run the risk of taking over too much from existing approaches. Using more space to provide one’s own approaches makes it possible to explore the relevance of classical theories and to present them in a new way in the context of modern case studies.

Our ghostwriting agency can assist you in completing your master’s thesis. Our ghostwriters will also help you in finding a topic and work with you to draw up an outline, an exposé and write your thesis. We also gladly conduct corrections and proofreading of your finished master’s thesis.

Our ghostwriters are of course more than happy to help you write your master’s thesis. You will receive a non-binding offer from us within 12 hours.